In Haiti, there is one, principal organization that you can go to for reproductive and sexual care. PROFAMIL—sometimes called the Planned Parenthood of Haiti—has three health centers, eleven affiliated clinics, and traveling mobile clinics that take doctors, nurses and counselors to rural areas. Founded in 1984, managed and staffed by Haitians, it provides unparalleled service to low income women, men and youth.

Profamil provides:

  • Family planning consultations & contraceptives
  • Gynecological & obstetric consultations
  • Infertility consultations and treatment
  • Prenatal care
  • Pregnancy tests
  • No-scalpel vasectomies
  • Uterine and breast cancer screening & treatment
  • Urologic consultations
  • HIV testing and treatment
  • Sexual education programs for young people

PROFAMIL is a Haitian organization working to develop sustainable programs not dependent on international donors. Its services are not free, but they are priced to be accessible to most poor and working-class individuals. PROFAMIL reaches an average of 100,000 people per year. But with greater investment, it will be able to expand its outreach. There are tens of thousands of Haitian people aware of family planning yet unable to obtain it.

PROFAMIL is ready to serve you today. PROFAMIL’s clinics are open at the following locations:

  • #8 Rue E. Laforet, Delmas 31, Delmas
  • 136, Ave. Martin Luther King, Port-au-Prince
  • Rue Grande Plaine, en face du cimetière, Croix-des-Bouquets