PROFAMIL, founded in 1984, is a household name in family planning and maternal and child health in Haiti. As a local non-governmental organization, PROFAMIL provides a high quality of care and behavior change communication strategies tailored to the Haitian context. In 2021 – despite crime, political violence, and the COVID epidemic – PROFAMIL provided more than 239,000 clinical services.

In addition to offering consistent, quality care to women, men and youth, PROFAMIL is a leader for the improvement of national reproductive rights policies. PROFAMIL’s unique and holistic approach to sexual and reproductive health in Haiti enables its communities to secure access to a broad range of services, including HIV/AIDS and STI prevention and testing, gynecological care, GBV prevention, cervical cancer prevention, and youth engagement programs.

PROFAMIL operates three centers in metropolitan Port-au-Prince that offer permanent access to critical services for youth, women and men. Its mobile clinics reach vulnerable populations in rural areas. In 2018, more than 60,000 new users gained access to services, more than 500,000 contraceptives were provided, and more than 5,000 youth participated in programs at PROFAMIL’s youth centers. In total, more than 600,000 services were provided across all centers and mobile clinics.